Trail riding continues to grow in popularity across Michigan. One thing that always attracts cyclists, rollerbladers and others is a smooth trail.

This 22 mile trail just might be the smoothest in Michigan.

Any trail which has just been built or resurfaced this year has the potential to be one of the smoothest in the state. At least you hope it would be smooth. But as soon as a Michigan winter arrives freezing and thawing can change that quickly.

That's why we're impressed that the 22-mile William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Trail still rides like new. The trail was widened and resurfaced with asphalt in 2015. Here we are two years later and you still can't find a blemish.

I rode the lower half of the trail earlier this summer with no issues and no bumps. Can't say for sure, but I'm counting on the northern half riding the same. Especially since it's hard to find any reviews that suggest the trail is anything but one of the best.

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