I'll admit it, I was kind of whiny when the temperatures finally came down to the 30’s last week, but I should have waited until this coming weekend.

Fox 17 says this next weekend is going to be quite cold.  Like daytime highs only in the teens and single digit nightly lows, cold.  It ‘s because we’re finally getting our first Arctic blast for the winter.  Which shouldn't be a huge surprise because we were just warned that a polar vortex would soon change our winter forecast?  Well, guess what, it's here.

By the way, if you're like, "what's a polar vortex or Arctic blast?"  That’s when super cold air from up north, makes its way down to us and freezes all our precious parts.

It looks like we could also see snow next weekend although it’s still up in the air whether we’ll see 3-6 inches or just light snow.  It is looking like if you have plans in Berrien County or along the Indiana state line, you may need to reschedule because right now it looks like they’ll get a fair amount of lake effect snow, according to Fox 17.

Of course, now that we’ve posted this, nothing will happen… but you know what they say? Winter is coming.

source: FOX 17


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