Every Tuesday is an opportunity to participate in Taco Tuesday. Whether you decide to get your friends or family together at home and make your own tacos and drinks or go to one of the many Mexican restaurants around, Tuesday is the day to get tacos. Everybody has their preferences on how to eat their tacos, but I am a chorizo, Mexican style, with cheese kind of guy.

With that being said, no two Mexican restaurants are the same, even the chain restaurants taste a little bit different at each location. First off, no, Taco Bell is not a Mexican restaurant, well it's not an authentic Mexican Restaurant. We are talking about the spots where you hear the Spanish music, they give you chips and salsa as an appetizer, and the drinks will burn your nose hairs. There may be many of these across Michigan but only one can be the best.

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Magnificent Mexican Meals

According to YouGov.com here are the most popular "Mexican" dishes in America.

  1. Nachos 81%
  2. Burritos 81%
  3. Quesadilla 79%
  4. Salsa 78%
  5. Fajitas 76%
  6. Guacamole 67%
  7. Chili con Carne 66%
  8. Chimichangas 62%
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Who's The Best?

Taquería Mi Pueblo located in Detroit was given a 4.53 rating on yelp as 24/7 Tempo compiled a list of the best Mexican restaurants in each state. They were able to quote a couple of the reviews which read as follows:

“Huaraches, birria, gorditas, chicharrónes, guacamole…all of it. Not one bite has been disappointing.”


“As someone from Arizona who grew up with fantastic Mexican food on every corner, this was really good Mexican food!”

I will be going to Detroit soon so maybe I'll try Taqueria out while I'm there but I'm sure there is a good Mexican restaurant nearby.

Sabor Mexican Restaurant Burton, Michigan

Gallery Credit: Maggie Meadows

Where To Get The Best Tacos In Lansing

Here is where you can get the best tasting tacos, that aren't Taco Bell, or even the good old chain restaurant.