This isn't to say that nobody within the state of Michigan works hard but there are several factors that contribute into a claim like this. Of course, there are those out there that have become lazy or fallen prey to the mindset that their problems are causing them to drown and be unsuccessful. Even so, that makes up a small percentage of people within the state, so what is it that is causing Michigan to be considered a state that doesn't work as hard as the rest?

The concept of hard work is not only a cultural ethos but also a pivotal determinant of economic growth and social advancement. States with lower workforce participation rates, higher unemployment rates, and slower economic growth often find themselves to be less hardworking states than others. Additionally, factors such as educational attainment, income inequality, and access to job opportunities play crucial roles in shaping a state’s work ethic. Insider Monkey took a deep dive into each state to find out which states are working harder than others.

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After using the following factors to find scores for each state, Michigan came up on the wrong side of rankings, and actually ended up at the bottom in terms of the hardest working states. When you look across the landscape of the state you can find many explanations as to why our ranking would be where it is, in which Insider Monkey was able to point out as well.

Insider Monkey used data from News Nation, Beckers ASC, and Thrillist which all had weighted scores. They took the weighted scores and found the average, ranking the states upon that average score. The list was made in descending order, meaning from hardest working states to least hard-working states with the higher values corresponding with higher levels of hard work. Here's what was said about Michigan.

One significant factor behind that is the state’s history of industrial decline, Michigan was once a powerhouse of manufacturing, particularly in the automotive industry. Many communities in Michigan have experienced job losses and economic downturns, leading to high levels of unemployment and underemployment.

Additionally, Michigan has faced challenges with infrastructure and transportation, particularly in urban areas like Detroit. Poor road conditions and limited public transit options can impact workforce mobility and access to job opportunities. Therefore, a combination of economic, social, and educational factors contributes to Michigan’s ranking as the least hard-working state in the US.

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