As children, we learned that most bird species would vacate the northern parts of the United States during the winter months as it was too cold and bare for them to survive. Then, during the spring months when everything blossoms and the temperatures begin to rise, they come back in large flocks to their summer homes. I never really paid attention to the amount of birds growing up but after this, I may take very serious note in the migration activity.

Over the last few days, I have noticed the chirp of birds singing as I open my eyes in the morning, which only means more will be coming. As expected, there will be tons of birds making their way back to the north now that the winter months are over and the temperatures are bearable, but I didn't know there would be an influx of birds like what we're seeing this year. Would you have guessed that MILLIONS of birds are migrating into Michigan this spring?

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Scrolling along Facebook has become one of the ways that many people receive their news, facts, and other current events happenings, just like many other social media platforms. I have learned yet another fact as I came across the post below showing the number of birds that will be migrating into Michigan as the weather continues to get warmer.

As you can see, the map shows a LARGE blob of animals moving toward the Mitten state, and yes, every single one of those little dots is a single bird. This isn't even the peak of the migration as there are expected to be about 340 million birds making their way into the Michigan area overnight.

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