Lots of people online have beef with JoJo Siwa, but none more than Lil Tay, apparently.

After comparisons between the two young stars began popping up online, both artists have thrown shade at the other.

It all began when Lil Tay responded to a post on Twitter/X that compared her song "Sucker 4 Green" to Siwa's "Karma."

"Wish I didn’t just find out who that is, I wrote SUCKER 4 GREEN myself. Didn’t buy the song or hire a ghostwriter. Please don’t mention me & her in the same sentence," Lil Tay tweeted.

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After a fan replied to Tay to let her know that the tweet she reacted to was actually complimenting her, she responded by saying "I'm agreeing with [it]."

She then claimed that "after some research" she "found out [Siwa] associates with pedophiles, buys her songs, and doesn't write her music."

"I take my music very seriously and don’t want to be compared to frauds," she said in her tweet.

After Lil Tay's tweets started going viral, Page Six reported that Siwa allegedly liked shady tweets about the controversial rapper-singer.

One of the tweets apparently said, "JoJo Siwa has a career, Lil Tay is just a meme, and a pathetic one at that."

Siwa's likes on the social media platform no longer show the alleged interaction.

However, Lil Tay took offense to the apparent diss and tagged Siwa directly in a post on Twitter/X.

"You’re a scary ass b---h if you have something [to] say about me, say it & this time DON’T delete your comment or unlike shady tweets! Don’t let those paid YouTube views and botted Spotify streams get to your head Madonna from dollar tree ass b---h," Tay wrote.

She then encouraged her fans to buy and stream her song "Sucker 4 Green" seemingly to out-chart Siwa's "Karma."

"Since b---hes want to play checkers, we can play chess," she tweeted.

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