Picture it: I found myself in the office kitchen recently, where, as always, the conversation turned to leftovers.

"What are you heating up?" a co-worker asked. "Just last night's pasta with red sauce," I replied. Their reaction was swift and warranted: "Red sauce in a plastic container? Never!"

What's That One Hack You Can't Wait to Share? Here's Mine.

But I was ready. I always am. We all have that one kitchen hack we swear by – something so simple yet transformative that we can't wait to share. It's our moment to shine.

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I'm the type who'll whip out my new vacuum during a dinner party just to demonstrate its life-changing capabilities. I was born to infomercial, baby. This hack is akin to that – it's a game changer. I don't like to use words like "astounding" but in this case, I will.

It's astounding.

The Easy Hack for Removing Stains and Odors From Tupperware
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How to Remove Stubborn Red Stains from Plastic Containers

Now, I get it – plastic containers in the microwave? I usually stick to glass, but with plastic being everywhere, I try to minimize waste by making the most of what I have.

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If I know a plastic container is microwave-safe, I'll keep using it until it's really worn out. But inevitably, those stubborn red sauce stains or lingering odors pop up. Here's how to tackle them:

  1. Give the container an initial scrub, then pour a small amount of water into the container. You don't need much, and I've found that hot water doesn't work better than cold. It's all about creating friction.
  2. Add a bit of soap. I usually just wet the sponge and squeeze in some soapy water.
  3. Place half a square of paper towel into the container. I've seen some methods suggesting several squares, but that's just wasteful.
  4. Replace the lid and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds, adjusting the time based on the severity of the stain.
  5. Give it a final scrub and voila! You've essentially turned your container into a mini dishwasher, and it'll be so clean that it squeaks when you rub your finger along the inside.

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You'll Want to Show This Hack Off Like I Do (Maybe It's Just Me)

I've reached the stage where I actually anticipate pitching in with the dishes after a gathering just so I can showcase this hack firsthand and witness its life-altering effects. And when the chance presents itself, it truly delivers. Sure, occasionally you'll hear someone say, "Oh, that TikTok trick? I've been doing that forever..." but that's alright because the next person will stare at you and say, "What just happened? How? What?"

In Case You Need Visuals

In case you're wondering, the image at the top of this article is an actual before-and-after shot of the container that was holding my delicious Cascatelli with Macella Hazan tomato sauce. The sauce is as easy and life-changing as the hack.

Watch the hack in action here. 

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