What a cool project! There is a new community garden planned for downtown Grand Rapids!

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Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. and Downtown Neighbor Network are teaming up on the initiative specifically for downtown GR residents who do not have yards.

They say in many quality-of-life discussions, affordable access to fresh food comes up as a top concern for people who live downtown. They hope to engage neighbors in the practice of growing their own food to show how affordable, nutritious and fun it can be. There's also the added benefit of creating a beautiful green space out of an unused lot!


The community garden will be at the Las Canchas futsal courts at 250 Seward Ave., at the northernmost space of the lot, right by the DASH bus stop.

Forty-four plots are available and they are first come, first serve. Plots can be for individuals, small groups, or even teams of people who agree to take care of what they grow. You can grow your own fruits, veggies, or pollinator plants.

Anyone interested in a plot can sign up here.

Pre-season education efforts are also being offered. Classes will be held the last Wednesday of each month at 6p.m. at Downtown Grand Rapids Inc to give residents the opportunity to learn together and get ready for the growing season.

DGRI and DNN are also looking for volunteer gardeners. Don't live downtown, but want to help? You can reach out to kchanning@downtowngr.org.

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