As much as we all appreciate the plow truck drivers and their hard work clearing the roads under extreme conditions what do you do in GR if one takes out your mailbox?

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Snow Plows and Property Damage in Grand Rapids

Snow plow drivers do their best to clear the roads in front of your house safely.

Snow plow drivers will never hit your mailbox, or vehicle, or tear up your lawn on purpose. They do their very best to avoid all damage to your property.

Sometimes a mailbox gets taken out by a plow, or a vehicle that is too far out in the road gets sideswiped, or you might be missing a little grass at the edge of the road when the snow melts. What do you do when this happens in Grand Rapids, Michigan?

What To Do In Grand Rapids if Your Mailbox Gets Hit by a Snow Plow?

If you sustain some property damage from a snow plow in Grand Rapids, you will need to file a claim with the city.

If your vehicle gets struck by a plow you will need to file a claim to your auto insurance but don't wipe away the proof. The city will be looking for paint from the plow, and so will your insurance agent.

The damage cannot be caused by the storm alone and it's not a short process so it is best to get right on a claim if you need to make one. It takes about 30 to 60 days for a claim to get completed. It probably would hurt to get some photos or maybe your doorbell camera caught some footage of the act by a snow plow driver. Click the link here if you need to make a claim. 

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