For a certain breadfan there may be no higher attainment of nirvana than a perfect bagel with an accompanying schmear of cream cheese. There's a bagelry in Grand Rapids that caters to the lactose lover.

Terra Bagels has caught the attention of the internet after an image with what appears to be a tubful of cream cheese was shared on reddit.


They put an entire tub of cream cheese on my bagel.
byu/CatDadMilhouse inpics

While the post was shared without location, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a wrapper for Terra Bagels in Grand Rapids. The OP stated they're not a local to West Michigan, rather they were in town on a tour.

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I also didn't even remember the name of the place, as I just stopped in on a day off on a tour a couple months ago. 10/10 will go back next time I'm in Grand Rapids.

No doubt they were part of a production that hit DeVos or GLC Live at 20 Monroe, Van Andel or the Intersection and found Terra Bagel as a quick walk from a downtown hotel.

This isn't the first time travellers have found the cream cheese game at Terra to be worth sharing as this TikToker briefly expounds.

And it's not just cream cheese that gets the fully loaded treatment as this comment attests.

I got one with butter because I don't really like cream cheese and they gave me the same amount... of butter. I had to scrape off 99% of it.

Believe it or not, you can make bagels at home. The secret is the boil and then the bake.

Making Bagels

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