Is climate change going to change the way we picnic and grill outdoors? Seems like it.

California and New York have been leading the charge to restrict the use of gas, natural, propane, or any other fossil fuels that would power vehicles, appliances that cook with gas, and our favorite outdoor gas or charcoal grill. And now the federal government is getting involved.

Could This be Goodbye?

rez/art/Getty Images/Canva
rez/art/Getty Images/Canva

Those opposed to gas and charcoal grills use the argument that gases associated with using propane and charcoal are harmful to the environment and need to go and should be replaced with electric grills. Yuck!

Of course, politicians are very worried about climate change and say that due to climate change, Americans may have to replace their refrigerators, anything gas-powered, and even...

Cooking With Gas in the Kitchen

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A few years ago California banned, propane containers, the small travel kind, which made national headlines. That rocked folks all over the state.

New York State then followed California saying that most new buildings are to be built without the option to use natural gas.

So, what about Michigan? Are we next? 

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Radio station WITL in Lansing reported Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed The Clean Energy and Jobs Act into law last year. According to NBC, the package is aimed "(improving) state energy efficiency requirements and streamline permitting processes for solar and wind projects. It would also mandate that state utilities shift 100% of electricity sales to clean energy sources by 2040."

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It really is unclear how this will affect us average folk. But, for now, the good news for us Michigan grillers is that no bans on gas or charcoal grilling are in the works.


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