The hands down best part about being an adult at the store is finding a great deal on either your name brand products or even store brand, and walk out with a smile on your face.

America’s Least Favorite Grocery Store Has 90 Locations in Michigan

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Shoppers at Walmart here in Michigan, may be in for a shock the next time they head to the retail giant, as they have some pretty big changes coming their way.

Walmart Announces Big Changes In 2024

After six years, Walmart recently updated their coupon policy in September of 2023. Most of the typical day to day shoppers (even week to week) may have not have noticed the changes.

Wolterk/Getty Images
Wolterk/Getty Images

Those extreme couponers, might have noticed the change.

What's Changing For You At Michigan Walmart's

There are three major changes in which could effect you, the average shopper this year. Some of which are, no more overages, only 4 coupons per household, no more overrides, and no more expired coupons. 

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Many have been getting away with things such as expired coupons, which the retail giant also warned will no longer be accepted going forward.

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Those who also are going to attempt to use multiple coupons from a manufacturer in one trip, may find themselves out of luck on any saved deals, as they won't be accepting those anymore either.

The 10 Most Commonly Stolen Items From Michigan Walmarts

Headed to the store? You may find your regular favorites no problem, but ever notice a lack of a certain product at the stores?

Could it be one of the most commonly stolen products from Michigan? See below:

The 10 Most Commonly Stolen Items From Michigan Walmarts recently took a look at what items make up the estimated $12-$18 billion Walmart loses to shoplifters each year. Here are the Top 10 Most Commonly Stolen Items from Walmart in Michigan

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Michigan Walmart Codes

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