The classic menu board from the last Hot 'n Now restaurant in existence went up for auction in early December.

Those of us who are old enough to remember a time when the Michigan-based fast food chain reigned supreme look back fondly at all the burgers, cheese taters, and Coney dogs we downed there.

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The first time I ever tried popcorn chicken was at Hot 'n Now in Otsego and that's a core memory for me! There's certainly nothing fancy about the chaint, but it was darn good food.

Hot n Now Sturgis
Lauren G/TSM

Today, the sole Hot 'n Now in existence is still in operation in Sturgis, Michigan and fans come from far and away to re-live a taste of simpler times. In fact, that's what was so special about the last Hot 'n Now-- it's trapped in time!

When news first broke that the fast food restaurant's classic menu board was being replaced for a new digital board, I had some mixed emotions. Half the fun of visiting Hot 'n Now is the nostalgia so why bring it into the 21st century? However, when I heard the details surrounding the sign's sale I had a change of heart.

Wanda Lesniak, co-owner of the restaurant, put the classic menu sign up for auction for charity. Proceeds from the sale benefit Isaiah 117 House, an organization which aims to ease the transition for foster families.

And the Grand Total is...


According to the Sturgis Journal a previous bidder who offered $3,500 for the sign went no-contact with Lesniak. The identity of the winning bidder has not been announced but I'd be curious to know who its new owner is and just what exactly the plan to do with it!

Hot 'n Now Menu
Lauren G/TSM

I'm sure many Michiganders would say the sign belongs in a museum, but at the very least my only wish is for the sign to truly be appreciated by its new owners. However, the important part is all the good that will come from this donation to Isaiah 117 House.

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