Being that it is October and almost Halloween, I thought it would be fun to share an interesting urban legend with Michiganders that they may have never heard of before. Michigan is rich in urban legends from the Melonheads of Allegan County to the Nain Rouge of Detroit, and countless other folktales of haunted houses and streets throughout the state. But what about the fast food restaurant McDonald’s?

Yes, there is, in fact, an urban legend involving the state of Michigan and McDonald’s and it’s for the weirdest reason. I was recently made aware that there was once a McDonald’s in Mackinaw City, which was one of three McDonald’s at the time that actually closed for the winter.

The Urban Legend

At one point, it was thought to have been the only McDonald’s in the world to close down in winter, but as an older article points out, there was a New Hampshire in New York location that also closed during the off-season of tourism.

Not EVERYTHING Up There Is Closed For The Season

The entire Mackinac area has interesting methods during the winter anyway, as Bois Blanc Island, which is just southeast of Mackinac Island even has the staff at Great Lakes Air fly in BC Pizza during the winter. So not all things shut down up there. Let us know in the comments if you ever experienced the closed-down Mackinaw city location.
I guess the Urban Legend of the Mackinaw City seasonal location has been put to rest, but there are some who say if you walk by the grounds where the location stands, you can hear the ghostly tappings of spatulas and tongs (allegedly).

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