You see people dream about living in lighthouses in TV, film, and novels. It can be exciting, romantic, heroic, and relaxing. For some, it is a dream job to have.

And in Michigan, right now, you can be a lighthouse keeper with no training. All you need to do is apply.

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Living in a lighthouse would be pretty cool, and in Michigan, they're still pretty pivotal. There are still 129 functional lighthouses around the state, on both peninsulas. As we mentioned above, so many stories in literature, television, and film use the lighthouse as the backdrop.

I mean, if it's good enough for Ron Burgundy in Anchorman II, then it's good enough for anyone, right?

Well, Michigan now has the opportunity for you to live in a Lighthouse for up to two weeks, and fulfil any dreams you might have of staying in one. But it does come with some responsibilities.

Applications are currently being taken for teams of four to spend two weeks manning the Tawas Point Lighthouse on the shores of Saginaw Bay in Lake Huron. During that time, you and your team would be responsible for welcoming visitors, leading tours, and performing basic maintenance tasks.

All told, in the two weeks you're staying there, you'll spend about 35 hours volunteering your time, according to the State of Michigan.

"For just $250 per person, you'll live along the Lake Huron shoreline in an historic lighthouse keeper's dwelling. Enjoy modern accommodations, including two bedrooms that can sleep four adults, a fully equipped kitchen, a shower, and bath... The keeper schedule is designed to allow time to enjoy recreational activities on your own while providing valuable volunteer services."

While it isn't peak season for staying in the lighthouse, the demand to stay and volunteer is high. Applications are being taken now for a schedule that switches out occupants every two weeks from May through October.

The application deadline for 2024 does end on Feb. 17th though.

So if you've always wanted to experience life in a lighthouse, get your applications in now.

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