This is not a drill.

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For those of you who have not seen the show over the past 10 years, Catfish

"is an American reality-based documentary television series airing on MTV about the truths and lies of online dating."

Pretty much, there are people lying about their identities to find love.

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Sadly, the reason the show exists is that Nev was 'catfished' himself. But thankfully he is in a beautiful marriage with 3 beautiful kids.

I was able to meet and chat with one of the Catfish co-hosts, Kamie Crawford about her new show, Ex On The Beach Couples.

During our conversation, towards the end, Kamie revealed that they are filming Catfish right now in Grand Rapids!

If you do not believe it, look at Nev's Instagram story post!

Nev Schulman via Instagram
Nev Schulman via Instagram

He is giving the Grand River!

The funny thing is two weeks after I moved to Grand Rapids, I was 'catfished.'

The 'catfish' even announced proudly that they were a 'catfish' like it was an award they needed to claim.

So I am honestly not surprised that Nev and Kamie are here filming the show.

While we wait to hear more about why Catfish is filming in Grand Rapids, it seems Michigan is a hotspot for 'catfishers."

Back in April of 2022, Nev was spotted in Bay City. He posted on social media about his visit to Bay City.

In the video, he says,

"I'm loving it, loving Bay City, Michigan. Love Michigan. Just having a great day."

So, if you have seen any 'catfish' in Grand Rapids, send them to Nev and Kamie.

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