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John Legend Made a Parody of His Own Song

Chrissy Teigen posted a video of her husband John Legend at Universal Studios singing his hit single "All of Me" while wine drunk and wearing a onesie with his own face on it. He put a twist of the originally romantic lyrics by making them all about himself. Legend posted the same video to Instagram, explaining his side of the story.

Cuffing Season Arrives

Cuffing season, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is the time of year "the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes you to become lonely." It is natural to begin craving some kind of intimacy, or develop a "skin hunger," to get through the colder months, even if it ends in the spring. Wanting physical contact in the colder months is a built-in survival tactic. Find out more about cuffing season via Greatist.

Grey's Anatomy Star Caterina Scorscone Is Pregnant

In the Season 16 premiere of the series, fans were surprised that character Amelia Shepherd, played by Caterina Scorscone, was pregnant. As it turns out, the actress herself is actually pregnant with her third child. She announced the pregnancy on Halloween with a sweet photo of her family dressed up as the Addams family. (via Pop Culture)

It's International Stress Awareness Week

Stress can become overwhelming sometimes, so it is good to take time to reflect on the way stress effects your health. Increased amounts of stress can lead to prolonged sickness and even heart disease. It is important to talk about the effects of stress and look after yourself by taking a moment for some self-care. Check out all the details via Stress.org.

Lorde's New Album Is On Hold for a Sad Reason

Lorde is grieving the passing of her pet dog Pearl, and she has asked fans to be patient with her when it comes to new music. In a hear-wrenching note, she explained that her beloved pet had been sick for a long time on and off, and that she was forced to put him down, noting that the loss has been been incredibly painful to deal with. Click here to read the full letter Lorde posted.

How to Cope With Cuffing Season If You're Single

During this time of year, it can seem like you're the only person without someone to stay in and tough out the winter with — but you're not alone. It is best not to rush or settle for anyone who comes along; you can get through cuffing season by learning to love yourself first. Also, if you have family wondering about your love life, know that you don't owe them an explanation. Check out more tips via Thrive Global.

Police Officer Serves Five-Year-Old Boy... a Happy Meal

Officer Anthony Bonilla received a 911 call from a child looking to order a McDonald's Happy Meal for his sister and quickly hanging up. Bonilla sent Officer Randolph Valdez to make sure everything was okay in the child's home after laughing about the call with the boy's father. Valdez took the time to actually pick up the food for the kid, but made sure the boy understood the proper use of calling 911. (via Good News Network)

Spy Kids Star Charged with Vandalism

The actor, who is married to singer Meghan Trainor, was walking on the UCLA campus when surveillance footage caught him randomly tearing off custom side panels from a car. The victim had no relationship with Sabara and had no idea why he would do this. After Sabara was finished, he left the scene in a hurry. He is being charged with one count of vandalism and one count of tampering with a vehicle. Check out the details here. (via PopCrush)

Kanye West Is Under 'Fyre'

Kanye West performed in Baton Rouge Friday night (November 1) for a fundraising event called "Brunchella." Guests who paid $55.00 for a plate of food were extremely disappointed with what they got: a couple of small and dry pancakes, two pieces of bacon, and a frozen sausage. On social media, West took heat for serving such a lousy meal, which was compared to the notorious cheese sandwich failure from the Fyre Festival. The catering company for Ye's event has taken the blame for this one though. (via TMZ)

Demi Lovato Is Back

Demi Lovato spoke at the Teen Vogue Summit on Saturday (November 2), where she gave her first major interview in over a year following her relapse. She said she is proud of where she is now and how she got there, sharing that when she looks in the mirror, she sees someone who has overcome a lot. Lovato explains that she wouldn't change and doesn't regret anything that happened because she is a stronger person because of it. She also teased new music — but isn't in any rush to release anything yet, noting that she is being cautious jumping back into music. (via PopCrush)

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