There are two types of singles. Those who dislike being single on Valentine’s Day, and those who really don’t care. No matter which type you are, I have some ideas on how to get through the day/ weekend.

First, let’s start with those who really don’t care. You don’t need this. Why? Because you’re capable of not caring. Get yourself some Chinese takeout and prep for the return of The Walking Dead, because after all Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year and you’re better off not having someone distract you from awesome television programming.

Now, for those who are miserable being alone, suck it up buttercup. Don’t fall into the belief that another person completes you. That’s a bunch of crap, you complete yourself. Date yourself for the day to see how awesome you really are. Add another person when you’re happy with you, otherwise you’re both going to be miserable, and that sucks. Make Valentine’s Day 2016 YOU day.

Still miserable? It’s okay, it happens. We all need a little interaction. Try this, head to the gym Saturday night. Think about it, most people who have a date are out sucking down wine and A-1 sauce at the local steak house with their lover. Not you though, you’re too awesome for that. In fact, you’re so bad ass that you’re heading to the gym where you’ll find a solid selection of fellow singles riding in the same boat. You need to make sure you’re at a 24 hour gym like Planet Fitness to make this one work.

My final suggestion is a mix of all of this. Maybe the gym brought up zero results, it’s all good. Grab some of that Chinese takeout, some wine, beer, or (my preference) Gentlemen Jack, head home and fire up Netflix or Amazon. Stay away from the love stories, maybe a coming of age film like The Perks of Being a Wallflower or throw it back to Stand by Me or The Goonies, or even The Sandlot. Need that interaction? Get swiping on Tinder, you’re chance of making a few matches the Saturday before Valentine’s Day is pretty solid.

And that my friends is how you do Valentine’s Day solo, here's some Derulo inspiration...