With it being back-to-school season, we figured this was the week to discuss how to have one of the most awkward conversations you'll ever have with your kid(s): The sex talk.

Nisha McKenzie (PA-C Grand Rapids OB/GYN & Center for Women's Sexual Health) says the main thing to remember is talk early, talk often.

If you want your children to be able to trust you and come to you with these important stages in life make sure you don't make them feel as if what they're curious about is shameful or else you'll be doing more damage than good.

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"The sex talk" - it's cringeworthy just saying it and it's going to be uncomfortable no matter what, but it's something you can't [and don't want to] avoid. Do you really want your kid getting his information from the other kids on the school bus or from adult films? Probably not. YOU want to be the main source of information and you can be as long as you talk early and talk often and watch the video above ;)