Justin Bieber has the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift for his beloved mom Pattie Mallette. He wrote a song for her, initially intended for ‘Believe,’ and is instead releasing it sometime this week. It’s also going to raise money for charity. Mama Mallette did a terrific job raising the Biebs on her own, didn’t she?

The song certainly has an increased emotional and personal value knowing that the ‘Boyfriend’ singer penned it for his No. 1 gal — sorry, Selena! He is really getting personal on ‘Believe,’ which drops June 19, as he revealed he has written a song about Mariah Yeater, the girl who tried to say that she had his baby, too.

So J to the B is writing songs about all aspects of life, from the good (Pattie) to the bad (Mariah.) There has to be a song inspired by Sel in there somewhere.

Below is Bieber’s tweet about his aama’s song!

Pattie must be beaming with pride over what a fine, upstanding and generous young gentleman she’s raised. His dad Jeremy Bieber must be thrilled, too. That Biebs. He is a good kid through and through.

All you Beliebers need to share this song with your moms and help out the Bieb’s good cause. A  bouquet of flowers is nice, but a song lasts forevs!

Now if only we could get Da Biebs to write a song for us…