Our littlest family members can be full of surprises:

  • Diaper changes during a family hike.
  • A blowout shopping with Dad (and there's no changing station in the men's room!)
  • Or a public restroom so dirty you're hesitant to set your purse or bag down, much less your child.

A Rockford couple is leading the baby-changing movement with a solution for busy parents. Little Kaboose's Toot & Tote Table folds small enough to fit in a standard diaper bag (18" x 4 " x 4") and comes with its own carry bag. It can be used anywhere you can sit or stand, and the cloth itself can be removed and tossed in the washer.

Here's a look at how the aluminum frame folds:


The parent neck support strap even has a large pad to make it comfortable if you're using it while standing. Another strap buckles around the adult's waist, and a chest strap keeps the child safe.

The Toot & Tote Table was weight-tested to 100 pounds, but the developers suggest a max weight of 30 pounds while standing. (There's virtually no weight limit for use while sitting.) It also was third-party tested for lead and flammability.

It's gotten some great verified online reviews:

Want one yourself? Order it online at littlekaboose.com!