Kalamazoo DJ, Rynita MGuire, is no stranger to huge basslines and hypnotic beats. Going by the name DJ Short-e, she mixes everything from breaks to electro and she mixes it all with limited to no use of her arms.

Rynita was born with a birth condition called Arthogryposis, a rare congenital disorder that makes the joins in her arms and legs incredibly stiff and the grip in her hands weak. She overcame her disability with the use of her “mouthstick.” It is basically a straw like tool that she grips with her mouth and uses to run her tables and computer.

One day he (Dave Albers) came over with a brand new set of turntables still in the box. He set them up at my house on a table so I could reach them. Then he showed me what buttons did what, gave me a handful of records, and left. Dave knew that by leaving it in the room – something I was obviously interested in – would make me want to try. And he was right. That night I played on his turntables all night. I didn’t sleep a wink. I use a wooden kitchen spoon in my mouth to turn on the lights and things in my house that I cant reach. So I grabbed that and figured out that I could use it to reach all the buttons and knobs that were out of reach for me. It was so exciting! – Rynita MGuire

[Source: MobilityAwarenessMonth.com]

Right now Rynita is currently in a battle to become National Mobility Awareness Month’s Local Hero. You can help her win by voting here.

Below you can watch her demonstrate how she does it, watch her live in action, and listen to a 13 minute mix she did.