Earlier this week, GRPS announced they’d be doing virtual learning until the end of the first semester, now Kalamazoo Public School has announced they’ll be sticking with virtual learning until at least March, according to WOOD TV8

As WOOD TV8 reports Kalamazoo Public School has been following data from the Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services and as cases rise and around 15% of the cases in the county are affecting people aged 0 through 19, the district sent out a survey to parents as well as the teachers and other school staff. All three groups helped lead the district to remain virtual.

WOOD TV8 says there was “an almost equal number of responses from parents wanting to stick” with the plan to return to the classroom and a hybrid model as well as parents wanting to stay virtual.

The school system operates on a trimester system and when the superintendent was asked about changing to an in-person hybrid of data changed, WOOD TV8 says the superintendent said there was “no plans to change mid-trimester” as they didn’t want to disrupt the learning process and keep “continuity for teachers and parents.”

WOOD TV8 posted a statement from a news release Superintendent Raichoudhuri sent out,

As I did with the decision in August to have all students start the year in remote learning, I made this decision for Trimester 2 with an eye toward safety first. I know this will not please all families and that learning at home can be very difficult. KPS is committed to making the remote learning experience the best it can be and to providing additional support to our most vulnerable students. We will be seeking input on how to make remote learning even better in Trimester 2,”

If COVID-19 cases subside, WOOD TV8 says Kalamazoo Public Schools could return to option 1 of the “smart and safe plan” which would have students go back to 5-days a week of in-person learning as of March 15th.

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