With Katy Perry coming to perform at Van Andel Arena on September 11th, fans may want to know about what it's like to be backstage with the superstar.

The folks at The Smoking Gun specialize in gathering contract riders from the stars and highlighting the more interesting demands of the famous (and not so famous, too.) We've gone through it, and can share the highlights.

First, check entire floors of places like the JW or the Amway Grand, as only the finest hotel accommodations are requested, along with rooms all on the same floor for Katy & company.

But limo drivers beware:  a 23 point policy applying to those in charge of Katy's transportation includes a "No looking at her in the rearview mirror" rule, along with having your cellphone off, how far to roll down the window,  4 water bottles in the vehicle, and don't bother asking for an autograph either.

Backstage dressing rooms, including Katy's "Glam Room", have their own requirements including what color to decorate, what kind of food and drink, and "ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS"!

Also, Katy's management reserves the right to provide tickets to after-market suppliers like Stub Hub and other brokers in order to resell tickets for more money, which some would say is essentially supplying scalpers with tickets and pocketing the extra dough.

What do you think? Diva, or management taking good care of a highly successful client?