Remember back when you were in high school, they’d have a career day and you could get an idea of what you wanted to do when you graduated? Well Kent ISD isn’t letting COVID-19 get in the way of area high school students finding their career path.

9th-12th-grade students in Kent County will have a chance to explore different career opportunities coming up Friday, February 5th, when Kent ISD hosts Groundhog Shadow Day, virtually this year.

Groundhog Shadow Day is a chance for students to get a behind the scenes look at different jobs, ask questions, and hopefully also make connections with a mentor in a career that interests them, or maybe find one that they want to start working towards.

The Kent ISD website says students can,

  • Meet a variety of professionals with different levels of responsibility, education, and experience.They'll share their career path, and give you the inside scoop on how they got to their current role.
  • Get an overview of the company’s industry, the day-to-day operations of specific departments, positions available, and requirements for successful employment (i.e., level of education, career pathways);
  • Get a behind the scenes tour, or view a hands-on activity or demonstration, that reflects the skills required in that sector. While not in-person, this will still give you a great "sneak peek"!
  • Preview current or recent projects so you understand some of the potential work demands required

Kent ISD will host three Zoom sessions and students will get 60 minutes to visit different careers and organizations.  Students can sign up for one session or attend all three.

If you have a student that wants to attend Groundhog Shadow Day, they can sign up now through January 24 on the Kent ISD website.

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