We're only a few months away from another college graduation, and a lot of college graduates are going to be jumping into the job market, looking for lots of money. We all know how tough things can be in the real world, so here are some ideas for those of you graduating this spring. These are the most available, best paying, best potential for growth, and have the best work life balance jobs open for you.

Before you graduate, take a look at these jobs here in Michigan, and see if there's something you would love to do! There are a lot of great starting salaries, too.

  1. Industrial Engineers
    If you've been working on your industrial engineering degree, you are a smart person! There are lots of jobs in industrial/process engineering open, and they pay pretty well. You starting wage should be over $55,000, and there is good growth in this industry in Michigan!
  2. Credit Counselors
    Want to help get more kids into college? As a credit counselor, you find out where the money available for students should go, and help kids get into college and trade schools. Starting salaries should be over $30,000, and there's huge growth in this field in Michigan!
  3. Commercial and Industrial Designers
    Like to design the stuff that people are going to want? Like to make the things that people build look awesome? There are tons of job in design, from product design, to graphic design. Starting salaries should start around $48,000, and there are quite a few jobs here in Michigan.
  4. Computer Systems Analyst
    Someone said that computers are the wave of the future, and sitting here in 2017, they might be right! (haha) Not that many people still are good with the computer systems they use, so it's always going to be a job where you can shine if you know how things work. Salaries should start around $47,000, with huge growth everywhere.
  5. Management Analysts
    Want to go into a business and help them make things better? As a management analyst, you will look at IT systems and business systems, and help companies make things work better. Salaries should start around $47,000.
  6. Database Administrators
    Pretty much everything runs some sort of database now. Retail, warehouses, heck even radio stations run off databases now. But a lot of people have no idea how they work, or how to manage them. If you do, you could make some good money! Salaries should start around $49,000!
  7. Environmental Science and Protection Technicians
    This is a wide-ranging field, seemingly from loss prevention to maintenance, to actual environmental science. If you understand this field more than we do, you could make some pretty good money, starting around $29,000!
  8. Computer Network Support Specialist
    There's a running thread through these growing jobs: computer help. Most of us don't do well with how things work, we just want them to work. If you know how to make things work, and can understand the crazy languages and parts that make everything work, from phone systems, to our desktops, to our thermostat that's smarter than the rest of us, you could make bank. Fresh out of college starting at $32,000 isn't bad, and there's huge growth!
  9. Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists
    The science and tech in hospitals and clinics is growing as fast if not faster than everywhere else, and it takes some skill to keep up with this growing field. If you can explain these jobs to me, you could be making good money, at least $40,000 to start!
  10. Sales Engineers
    This is a great growing business. Selling new technology to businesses isn't just going in and saying "this is great!" You need to know the tech, how it works, and be able to help your clients implement this new stuff. This will also make you some great money, at least $54,000 to start!

There are tons more jobs available for you if you're graduating, and they're in growing fields here in Michigan. Don't become one of the statistics of graduates who are living at home not working. There are tons a great jobs out here in Michigan.

Check out more information at Zippia, where they've broken all these jobs down by salary, growth, and number of jobs available. Get a head start before graduation!

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