Spring break means Hot vs. Smart!  Well... OK, when most people think of spring break they think of sandy beaches and cold drinks under the sun.  BUT NOT US KRADDICK ADDICTS!! Forget battle of the sexes, this matchup pits genius vs. gorgeous.

The first day of the competition was today as the girls left Austin, Texas on their way to Panama City, Florida.  Before they left however, they had a few challenges to complete before they left.

Hot vs. Smart Day 1

The contest kicked off Sunday with a little meet and greet at the Kidd Kraddick studios in Dallas.  The teams told a little bit about themselves and got to choose one item to take on the trip with them.

This next clip is the girls first challenge which was on Sunday.

These next two clips are of the girls second challenge, which was at the Hard Rock Cafe.  The girls had to put on a Lady Gaga skit for patrons of the Hard Rock.  Listeners then voted on the results.

Team Hot

Team Smart

The Results

The results after the first day are:

The girls are off to Galvenston, Texas next!  Listen live on Channel 957 or check back here for more!