Kristen Bell was on Ellen this week talking about her time in West Michigan!

She joined Ellen as a co-host and although they talked about bunch of different things, including Kristen’s new show “The Good Place” with Ted Danson on NBC, they also talked about her family trip to the mitten state.

She and husband Dax Shepard, along with their two daughters, spent their vacation in Grand Haven, which we kind of already knew, but they also invited all of their friends from high school.  So really, it was like a real life version of the movie “Grown Ups”. She said there were 21 people staying at the house, enjoying the lake and each other.

"We stayed on one of the lakes and went kayaking and paddle boarding. It was just lovely," Bell said. "We invited all of our friends from high school and their kids. So we had 21 people staying at the house. We made food, and it was lovely."

She also said that she had learned to paddle board while on their vacation.

She even proved she was a Michigan native, when she showed Ellen where she was from using the hand trick.

Ellen asked what part of Michigan she’s from and she threw up her hand and pointed just under her thumb, to show she was from Huntington Woods.

Kristen told Ellen:

"That's what you do when you're from Michigan"

They also talked about when she took Dax, who is also a Michigan native, to her childhood home for the first time.  Watch the whole interview below: