Lady Gaga is courting commercial success once more, this time with an actual commercial instead of her art. The newly brunette songstress’ Haus Laboratories released a third Fame fragrance ad, this time set to Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ track ‘Scheiße.’

Gaga’s new 32-second clip opens with two long lines of male models facing one another. The models on the left are wearing little more than Speedos and black face gear, while the ones to the right don long cloaks that obscure their faces. It’s very ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’

The image then shifts to a giant version of a nude Gaga (she only wears heels and an eye mask) with her beloved (and in this case almost literal) Little Monsters crawling on her. This time she’s channeling ‘Gulliver’s Travels.’ It’s a simultaneously animated and live-action version of her print ad and billboard for the fragrance. Next, Gaga does an exaggerated and fierce-as-hell strut down between the two lines of models. She sports a black leather skirt, a matching cropped top with broad shoulders, a sharply cut blond bob and red lipstick.

In between these images, we see a robotic, black liquid-covered shot of Gaga’s face, sporting her signature sunglasses. Lastly, we see Gaga again, but only her face. She wears sunglasses, a black hat and matching gloves. She quickly fades to black, which is a recurring theme in the clip, as it’s an ad for the first ever black perfume. Fame may smell sweet, but Gaga’s quick to remind us all that Fame is, in fact, a monster — and that there’s a very dark side to it.

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