More Lana Del Rey tracks have leaked? Seriously? How are her vaults not empty at this point? She must have a bottomless reserve of songs in her arsenal.

We were just saying that it feels like not a day goes by without some obscure LDR demo or archival tune or expanded edition track finding its way online. Two tracks just surfaced earlier this week. Now, we’ve unearthed another pair. To call LDR, the new face of Jaguar, prolific would be an understatement.

On today’s LDR menu, we’ve got ‘Playing Dangerous,’ a sultry, groove-driven track that’s made even more seductive by LDR’s playful, sex-kitten delivery. She coos about being in love and how it’s a dangerous game. No you-know-what, Sherlock!

Then there’s ‘Afraid,’ where we have more musings from Lana. Her vocals are bit strange in this song. She sounds like a bird, Nelly Furtado-style, mixed with a bit of Susan Sarandon as Janet from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ about two-and-a-half minutes in. The melody in this song is also eerily similar to ‘Video Games.’

Take a listen to these two “new” songs and tell us what you think of them. Do you prefer one over the other?

Listen to Lana Del Rey ‘Playing Dangerous’

Listen to Lana Del Rey ‘Afraid’

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