Tuesday brings it with some interesting tid bits from Kellie Rasberry... today on the Top 5:  Samantha Ronson had a little accident over the weekend, and now promotes bicycle safety (wear a helmet).  Couple of celebrity pregnancies to report, Tori Spelling and Kimberly Stewart both have buns in the oven.  Steve Carell's final episode of 'The Office' is right around the corner and NBC promises to supersize the episode by adding a few celebrity guests and extending the length to 50mins.  Lady Gaga takes a fall in Houston but is able to bounce right back and finish the song.  And lastly, "The Jersey Shore's" cast gets the contract settlement they wanted.  They now will be making $100k an episode each!  Get the scoop and the links by clicking 'READ MORE'

Samantha Ronson injured

Tori Spelling pregnant & Kimberly Stewart pregnant

Steve Carell's final episode of "The Office"

Jersey Shore scores big new contract

Lady Gaga falls on stage