On weekends, I get to chat with my Brother over the phone for a bit.  We compare stories of weird stuff that happens where we live.  I’m in Grand Rapids (obviously) and he is near Miami, FL.  He told me the story of a crazy situation of a landlord setting a man on fire!

Of course, I had to know the details.  I found the story on the Sun Sentential after a short search.  And when I read it, I couldn’t believe it.

The story goes like this… The landlord, John Steinberg, 58 started an argument with tenant Ron Rhode, 52 about late rent.  When Rhode got tired of the verbal abuse by Steinberg, he asked him to leave.  Steinburg came back with rubbing alcohol, splashed it all over Rhode’s boxer shorts and lit them on fire.  Luckily, he was able to take them off without serious injury.  Steinburg then slashed Rhode across the back with a screwdriver.

Police seized the boxer shorts for evidence.  Steinberg was charged with aggravated battery.

People amaze me!  My Brother’s story of crazy Florida news beat my story of crazy Grand Rapids news, so I had to blog about it!

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