No, not that type of shower to clean yourself. I'm talking about the other kind of shower. The shower where you "shower" someone else in love and presents while pretending to be happy for them.

I make no secret about my age. I don't lie when people assume I'm younger. I'm 29-years-old and although that is young, life tends to remind me at times that I'm not as young as I think I am. In fact, some might say I'm a little behind in "life" compared to most people around my age group.

Since graduating college, I have watched the majority of my friends go through the different stages of life (mostly on Facebook). The stages consist of:

  • Meeting someone
  • Dating
  • Living together/Getting engaged (depending on the person(s) this could be separate or the same stage of life)
  • Wedding
  • Dogs
  • Babies

A few years ago I was getting bombarded with bridal shower/wedding invites, and now at 29... it's happening... baby shower invites!! The other day when I got my mail I had three invitations mixed with the regular bills and coupons. I was being invited to shower more people: my younger cousin who is getting married later this year, my best friend since 4th grade who is about to have her first child, and another close friend who also is about to pop her first baby.

Christine George/TSM
Christine George/TSM

These invitations solidified that I am approaching 30, whether I like it or not. And whether I like it or not, most of the people in my life, are having families while I'm single and living alone with my cat. At least she's cute (she makes an appearance in my video above).

by the way, I'm not as sour as I may sound I actually am very happy for all of these people in my life because they all deserve it :)

When did you realize you weren't at the same "life stage" as everyone else?

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