I have to say it again, I know I'm not a parent, but... I’m pretty liberal when it comes to fashion, and I’m all for kids playing dress up at home. But I can't imagine letting a child put on lingerie -- not even inside the house. Wanting to look fabulous is one thing, but looking sexy as a kindergartener is not. 

And, frankly, it's kind of creepy

That’s why I have to wonder what kind of mother would buy her daughter items from Jours Après Lunes, a new French lingerie and loungewear line aimed at girls 4- to 12-years-old. Just look at how the child models are styled in those photos: they're all disheveled and sassily posed like adult models are in Cosmo or Vanity Fair! 

I want to grab a robe and cover these girls up just looking at them. I feel like there should be black boxes over their faces, and like the police should be investigating these people for some sort of crime!

My issue isn’t with nudity. And its not with the amount of skin shown -- if you look through the collection, the apparel doesn’t show any more skin than a bikini, and plenty of kids wear those. It’s the message that’s upsetting to me. No one should be encouraging prepubescent girls -- preschoolers in some cases -- to act or look sexy or sexual. Call me a prude, but it's just disturbing to me.

One day, my nieces will be old enough to pick out something at Victoria’s Secret (hopefully I’ll be dead by then). But for now, I think it's perfectly fine if their underwear have My Little Pony and Barbie on it. Just sayin'.