Having a hangover is no fun. You feel like complete crap. Aspirin, coffee, food... that's usually your go-to for a cure. And listening to any type of sound or music is probably the last thing we want. But experts say otherwise.

Your favorite songs could help distract you from the pain, Metro says.

Alexander Mauskop, director and founder at the New York Headache Centre, said: ‘We have good proof that music works for pain of any kind.

Not only will music distract you from the pain and disgust you're feeling but it can improve your mood and make you feel less nauseous!


Music obviously does make you feel certain ways and/or emotions, so this makes sense. My only suggestion is, if you're going to use this method as a hangover cure, just make sure you're not blasting any fist-pumping music that made you feel sick in the first place.