ABC is spreading its interview with Madonna over multiple shows. From last night’s ‘Nightline‘ bit to this morning’s ‘Good Morning America’ segment to tonight’s ’20/20′ special, Madge is everywhere on the network. On this morning’s chat, some of the Twitter-submitted questions were posed to Madonna, namely the one about how she feels about Lady Gaga.

“It feels reductive,” Madge said about ‘Born This Way.’ She also commented on the song to Newsweek in a similar fashion. When interviewer Cynthia McFadden asks if reductive is good, Madge sharply replied, “Look it up” and then took a sip from her tea cup. Reductive actually means “simplified” or “crude,” which certainly isn’t high praise. Simply put, she doesn’t think ‘Born This Way’ holds a candle to her own ‘Express Yourself.’

More of the interview, such as her further opinions on Gaga, will air tonight on ’20/20.’

As for some of the other, less-blockbuster Twitter questions? She is asked what was the last full meal she cooked, to which she responded,”I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a meal entirely by myself.” She says her nannies, housekeepers, drivers and kids cook, since “I do everything else.”

She has had “the sex talk” with teenage daughter Lourdes, but not yet with her son Rocco, since he’s too young. “Give it another year,” Madge said. Could you imagine talking birds and bees with Madonna?

Madonna also spoke about the kiss she gave Nicki Minaj, insisting it was just a birthday kiss and there was no tongue. “Who said tongue? She has lovely lips. It was her birthday and I kissed her on the mouth,” Madonna said.

The Material Girl doesn’t hide her overtly sexual past from her kids, either. She says she tells them “Your mother is an artist. This is what I do. I’ve lived my life pushing the envelope.” She’s not going to stop just because she’s getting older and has children.