A mailman in Kentucky is being labeled as "lazy" after police found more than 44,000 pieces of mail that he was hiding in his mother's home.

Mail carrier William "Brent" Morse apparently decided that he just wasn't going to do his job anymore. 

At least that's what police think motivated him to hide at least 44,900 pieces of mail in his dead mother's house and a storage unit.

"He wanted to speed up his route," said Capt. Craig Patterson. "I think he was lazy."

According to WTSP, U.S. Attorney David Hale said Morse dumped mail for two years, ending in March 2013, and destroyed at least 1,000 more pieces. Most were advertising circulars.

Morse's lawyer is claiming that this all happening because his client was going through a divorce and had to pick his kids up from school on the days he worked. He claims that Morse was just storing the mail he hadn't had a chance to deliver.

"It's not that he was stealing anything from it," said federal public defender Patrick Bouldin.

Well... no... but he DID steal the mail... so....