I'm not huge on makeup. I never have been. I mean, there was a period in my life where wore far too much black eyeliner and eye shadow, but thankfully that time was short-lived. Not only do I almost never wear makeup, I don’t know how to use most of it.

"Makeup Tutorials With Wendy" documents my attempt at learning how to use makeup. And failing miserably at it. 

My daily beauty regimen is pretty much – shower, towel dry hair, brush hair, put on moisturizer, walk out the door. I’m pretty low maintenance. But, a few months ago I decided that I needed to give makeup a try and signed up for Ipsy.com. They send me a package once a month full of makeup that fits my skin type and what-not. There’s only problem…

I can’t figure out how to use half of it! So, I’ve decided to try it out on camera every month for your enjoyment. Or amusement. Or both.

This month, I take on two bags (because I forgot about it last month). I experience quite a few different products including an eyelash curler, which I am afraid of.