Today's Christine-ology is about something we are all guilty of doing.

We’ve all been there. Sometimes purposefully, sometimes accidentally. We can be in there anywhere from minutes to hours. There are times we get pulled so far into the hole we can’t find our way out. Deeper and deeper, it can keep us up all night long. There’s so much in there, no one could possibly get through it all.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about the rabbit hole. I find myself visiting from time to time, fascinated by the things I keep stumbling upon. It’s like every piece of new knowledge is a new adventure.

BUT, the one rabbit hole I find myself always falling into is makeup videos. I know you’ve seen them. They.are.EVERYWHERE! and they suck you in from one video to the next.

Seeing the foundation go on the skin and then blend smoothly with the rest of the face brings me one of those odd satisfactions. The beautifully blended eyeshadow colors coming together to create a story only the eyes could tell. Watching multiple ways to get that winged liner perfect, although it never turns out that way for myself. The work of art that is lining the lips and getting that perfect glow from the highlighter.

Soothing, sensual, and seamless is what it’s like watching makeup application. So much so I went down an hour and a half rabbit hole last night scrolling from one video to the next to the next.

What is the rabbit hole you always find yourself down?

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