The west side of Grand Rapids has upgraded in an inclusive way!

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Located at 940 West Fulton Street, BLND Beauty Bar (pronunced blend) has officially opened its door to help share Grand Rapids residents' inner with the world.

BLND Beauty Bar Owners
Courtesy of BLND Beauty Bar

The owners, Jess Carae and Ris Ma are challenging the stuffy idea of a beauty shop.

"We both love being of service to others, especially those in our community. We saw a need for a inclusive space for others to feel safe and listened to while also fulfilling their beauty needs. We're proud to say we filled that need by creating a space that welcomes clients of every gender, race, sexuality and creed."

As owners of this joint establishment, the name BLND Beauty Bar is very special to them.

"It was actually the last thing we decided on but when we id we realized just how perfectly it reflects us as people and business owners. One of us is a queer single mother and the other of us is a queer, black, non-binary parent as well so the name BLND just seem to make perfect sense. We both want to do our part in bringing the best out of everyone who walks through our doors so that we can "BLND" it together to create something we can all be proud of."

Courtesy of BLND Beauty Bar
Courtesy of BLND Beauty Bar

BLND Beauty is a "one stop shop" so there are a lot of services to choose from your beauty day outing.

  • Make-up application
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Facial and Body Waxing
  • Semi-permanent crystal teeth gems
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Cutting
  • Silk Pressing
  • Braids
  • Photography
Courtesy of BLND Beauty Bar
Courtesy of BLND Beauty Bar

They are also planning to expand their list of services,

"by expanding the BLND Beauty team with more likeminded artists from the local area in the near future."

Besides their services, BLND has authentic crystals, a full spectrum makeup line 'Carae Cosmetics' owned by one of the co-owners Jess. You can also buy press on nails by Fire Nails By Mara and bath and bawdy products by WhipLash By Mya.

Courtesy of BLND Beauty Bar
Courtesy of BLND Beauty Bar

If you want to visit BLND Beauty, they do have specials going on right now.

  • $50.00 for a 30 minute teeth whitening session
  • $25.00 for your first semi-permanent crystal tooth gem
  • $100.00 for any style lash extension set

As of now, you can book with the owners using BLND's Instagram, Jess's website or their business Instagrams : @JessCarae_ and @RefinedByRis.

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