It's tough being a female. Other than some of the obvious issues, there's so much we think about that most men don't. Hair, makeup, what we are wearing, our bodies. It's never ending, and it's something as small as this that contributes to the struggles of being a woman.

I get you wet and lather you up. I give you a good massage. Sometimes I’ll even do it again to make sure I got every part of you.

I wrap you with a microfiber towel and let you cozily sit in it before I pump some volume in you. One pump. Two pump. Sometimes three if you really need it.

I show you extra attention by rubbing a nice-smelling oil all over you and maybe even cream.

All I ask in return is that you give me some body back. It isn’t too much to ask for.

But then I wake up the next day and I’m shocked and annoyed. Occasionally even grossed out. I showed you so much love why couldn’t you do this ONE thing for me?!

Ugh. The struggles of being a female.

Isn’t it the worst when your hair doesn’t air dry or curl properly after washing it?

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