A man recently noticed a teen driver being reckless near a school, so he confronted him on camera, but got some really weird results.

As the man is telling the teen how bad of a driver he is, the teen then threatens to call 911 because he is "getting molested."  Clearly the man didn't get anywhere near the teen, and according to the man's Reddit post the teen was punished at school after the dean of students saw this video. The teen also continued with his false claims, which didn't sit well with the school.

The man who confronted the teen goes on to say that the teen driver has been "terrorizing" his neighborhood for over a month, and that he's the first one to get him on video. Apparently he's been passing over double yellow lines, blowing through stop signs, going 20+ miles over the speed limit, and doing all this when kids and other pedestrians are around.

I'm not sure that I entirely agree with confronting someone like this. I mean if the guy has the video, why not just take it to the school and police for an investigation? I get that tempers were a bit hot, but this is how people get shot. Either way, it sounds like mission accomplished, though a bit messy with the false claims from the teen.

On the funny side, this reminds me of Ed Bassmaster's "Putting People on the News" YouTube prank. Enjoy!


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