If someone handed you a basketball and told you that you had one shot to make it in and walk away with $10,000, do you think you could do it? Most of us puff our chests and say yes, of course.

Player slam dunking basketball through hoop

But in reality, there's a lot of pressure, it's not your court or net, and almost no one makes their first shot without a warm up. It's okay to fold under that pressure.

However, one man at the Detroit Piston's game stepped up and proved that he really COULD make that once in a lifetime shot.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Detroit Pistons
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The Detroit Pistons took on The Boston Celtics at Little Ceaser's Arena on Saturday November 12th, and the game itself was exciting enough. It was my first NBA game ever, and I could have never expected the most exciting moment to come between plays.

Basketball, net and whistle on basketball court, elevated view
Thomas Northcut

This unnamed man took the challenge of for every free throw you make, you get a prize amount. Once he got to the end, he was offered a challenge...

"Do you want to risk it all for the 10,000 Home Makeover Grand Prize?" and without missing a beat he says "Yeah" with a confidence that says "I've trained my entire life for this exact moment"

SportsMan on Youtube
SportsMan on Youtube

And that's when he stepped up to the line, tossed the ball, and a swish heard across Detroit left the entire crowd in an eruption. None of us expected it, and as confident as the guy was: I think he low key didn't expect it either.

@barstooldetroit $10K on the line? Easy money for this guy #detroitpistons #littlecaesarsarena #nba #basketball #fans ♬ original sound - Barstool Detroit

Congrats to this unnamed man for living out all of our dreams. Here's hoping I get my chance at the next game I go to.

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