I understand that it's probably upsetting when your girlfriend goes to jail. I understand that it's also probably upsetting when her bail is set at $1,500 and you don't have that kind of cash laying around. What I do not understand is thinking, "Well, I guess I'll just sell my 6-year-old daughter to an old lady to make that bail money!". That was Shawn Wayne Hughes' idea, and that is also what earned him the title of "Wendy's Douche Of The Day".

Mr. Hughes, who is obviously super smart, needed to come up with some quick cash to get his lady friend out of lock up. So he arranged to sell his daughter to a 72-year-old relative for cash. Little did he know that the relative had contacted the authorities when Hughes initiated contact with her, and the Kingsport, Tennessee police department was telling her what to say the entire time.

So, while Hughes waited in a credit union parking lot, thinking he was meeting up with an elderly relative to swap his kid for cash, police swarmed in and arrested him.

Things I have learned from this story: Shawn Wayne Hughes is a giant douche, and the going rate for a 6-year-old in the state of Tennessee is only $1,500.