May is Foster Care Awareness Month!  Every year, approximately 13,000 children in Michigan are in foster care at any given time and the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services needs your help.

MDHHS is looking for foster families to keep kids entering into the foster program safe and to care for them until they can be returned to their family or find a loving adoptive family.

If you want to help but you are unable to become a foster family, you can share this post or share the National Foster Care Awareness Month Facebook page.  But if you are interested in becoming a foster family, you can find out how, below.

The process of becoming a foster parent is:

  • Call a Foster Care Navigator (855-MICHKIDS)
  • Participate in comprehensive orientation.
  • Fill out a licensing application packet from the agency you choose.
  • Participate in several on-site home evaluation visits by the licensing agent.
  • Participate in Parent Resource for Information Development and Education training, also known as PRIDE.

You have to be 18 years old, be of a good moral character, be in good health, have an adequate income, and meet other basic standards.

To find out more information about becoming a, you can visit the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services website or call a Foster Care Navigator at 855-MICHKIDS (855-642-4543).

We had Wendy Wheeler on the show today to talk about Foster Care Awareness Month, and you can listen to it below: