Lu is one of five kittens part of a litter that are ALMOST up for adoption at the Humane Society of West Michigan.

I say almost because Lu and her siblings are currently 6 weeks old and by 8 weeks they should be ready to go home. Lu is an adorable kitten who will meow, explore and probably hang on you for support.

Christine George/TSM

Lu has that stripey grey color with the cute blue eyes so you know she's going to grow up to have a pretty coat!

Taking a cat nap (Christine George/TSM)

Oh yea, and she likes to meow a lot. It's too cute!

Christine George/TSM

If Lu sounds like a kitten you'd like to adopt but you can't make a full-time commitment, consider becoming a foster parent to help out the Humane Society of West Michigan! The shelter can always use the help especially now that it's kitten season. Brooke, from the Humane Society, also mentioned that their adult dogs can also use fostering. The best part about the program is you get to share your home with an animal for a couple weeks and the Humane Society provides you with everything you need to foster! If interested, get more info here.

We are only a month away before Summer Camps start at the Humane Society of West Michigan. Get your kids out of the house this summer and have them doing something fun and educational. Summer camps are offered to kids of all different ages with different focuses. For example, the youth classes will teach kids on how to be responsible pet owners and how to properly interact with animals. While teenage classes will be more "career-focused" and give teens an idea of what it's like to work with animals on a professional level. Full and half day sessions are offered. Check out the different class descriptions with your kids and get signed up!