It's only right that Blue gets featured because she's gorgeous and will make a new family very happy.

You would not think that Blue is 11-years-old because she's got so much personality and life! She's a black-and-white Australian Shepherd Mix who's named after her one blue eye LOL. She's a sweet, easy-going lady who loves attention and she does great on a leash. She loves walks but also would love to relax with you. Because Blue is 11 it also means her adoption fee is waived!

Even though the 4th is over, the Humane Society of West Michigan is still celebrating the holiday with an adoption special this weekend. Beginning today, 7/5 and through Sunday, 7/8 you can take advantage of the following specials:

4th adoption special

Fireworks are still expected throughout the weekend which can be stressful for our pets. Some important tips to help ease your dogs' anxiety:

  • Making sure they are inside and away from the noise
  • Have them wear a thunder shirt or anxiety wrap
  • Medicate them (consult with your vet beforehand)
  • Keep windows and curtains closed
  • Distract your pet like treats or a fun game
  • Always keep a close eye on your pet
  • Make sure your pet has an up to date identification tag/micro-chipped