Moe is a 6-month-old retriever that came to the Humane Society of West Michigan via transfer from Mississippi just last week. He warms up quickly and is very friendly and loves to give hugs. He does great with everyone, including other dogs and children. Moe will be the perfect dog for any type of family.
Christine George/TSM
Christine George/TSM
When adopting a new puppy it's always best to get obedience classes to set up for a successful future for dog and owner! The HSWM offers different week-long classes that cater to puppies or older dogs with different behaviors. You can check them out and register here.

This Saturday, June 2nd the Humane Society of West Michigan is hosting an event with Lee Asher who started the Kickstarter project, The Asher House. The mission is to travel around the country and

...get 48 dogs out of the shelters and into loving homes where they belong.

Lee Asher and his team will be showcasing the animals at HSWM between 1p-3p. During this time they will also pay $25 towards the adoption of any dog 1 year and older as well as supplying the adopter with MyOllie dog food.