Piper the dog has the best job in the world. He chases birds off the runway at the Cherry Capitol Airport in Traverse City. For years, he's been a local hero, but thanks to an Instagram post, he's gone nationwide.

Piper, whose official name is Mark Twain Piper, is a seven year old border collie owned by Brian Edwards, an operations supervisor at the airport. A few years ago, he set up an Instagram account for Piper, which followed his exploits around the airport.

A few weeks back, this GIF of Piper holding steady when a Coast Guard helicopter landed mere feet behind him, propelled him to internet stardom, with that post alone garnering over 3 million views. His ability to remain stoic amid the noise and snow blowing around him have made him a canine hero to many.

Comments on a Reddit page about Piper included: "Cool dogs don't look at explosions" and "when dogs have better jobs than you."

FYI -- That cast on Piper's left foreleg was the result of a run in with an owl.

Piper has since been featured in this video put together by Business Insider, highlighting the attributes of a good runway dog.

Good on ya, Piper!