Social media may be a hateful place at times but, damn, it sure does deliver internet goodness.

If you're from the Eastside of the state, specifically the burbs, then chances are you know the Farmington/Farmington Hills area. But I think this young man has gotten Detroit and Farmington Hills confused. This rapper (and take that how you will) goes by the name of "CLOON" and his Twitter profile indicates that he's the "King of Farmingtons" so obviously he had to make a music video reppin' his city. Not only that, he claims he runs the city.

In the video, he even takes a visit to the local ice cream shop cuz he's so "cold" (refer to Urban Dictionary for that definition LOL). I respect him, though, for rapping outside of Chicken King cuz their food is sooo good. And let's not forget about the sweet graphics, bro. Check out this masterpiece below. *Warning* he does drop the F-bomb. Then again, would it be a rap video if he didn't?

It's so good it even caught the attention of Michigan-native, Dax Shepard.

If you're wondering "what's the difference?" There isn't much. Farmington Hills is larger and has more residents while the city of Farmington is smaller but has a downtown area. You can read more here.

Whichever city CROON resides in, we thank him for this. Although, I do agree with Dax in this Tweet below.

Both Dax and his wife, Kristen Bell are from the metro-Detroit area.

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